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The Vanishing Girl (2014)

by Laura Thalassa(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 4
Lavabrook Publishing Group
The Vanishing Girl
review 1: I love the premise of this book. Teleporting, spies, government secrets, one of those books you can actually see turning into a movie. And the characters were great. But and this is why it's not a 5 - some very important aspects are way too simple, like the minute she looks up people on the Internet, duh of course you are being observed, she already knows this, yet this is the big why as to being caught? Just too simple. I'd rather at least one of the big questions had been answered for example who was sending her to the Adrian locations? That would be an interesting twist ... Not and so we caught you because of Internet surfing. Saying that I love the premise, I want to know more I will get the sequel and I really hope it doesn't disappoint!
review 2: I can't
... moremake my mind up about this book. The concept is sort of like one I've read before of the altered children who are super weapons controlled by the government. Though this one is a bit more controlled than the other. Of course, there's the "old girlfriend" problem...at least in her mind. But our heroine is a rebel by alteration, you might say by design. And they don't know quite what to do with her. She's too good to kill off, but she won't quite conform. Then they catch her actually sneaking and snooping and conspiring with the enemy. Then we get the cliff hanger ending. I probably will have to read book #2 to be able to decide about the series. less
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Really liked this one! Waiting not so patiently for book 2!
sweet love story but short and not very detailed.
I would rate this book as 4 1/2
3.5 stars
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