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Coqueteando En Italiano (2012)

by Lauren Henderson(Favorite Author)
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Flirting in Italian
review 1: The back of this book is misleading.The summary suggests that Violet goes to Italy to investigate a certain painting, where the girl suspiciously resembles herself. However, at the end of the book it seems more like a romance story with Luca. The fact that Luca could in fact be her half brother is disturbing enough as is and very Mortal Instruments. This book isn't a bad read, it's somewhat easy despite Henderson getting a little wordy in places where we just don't need THAT much inner dialogue with Violet. However, it's rather a let down that the book ends with the maid trying to poison Violet and being in ABSOLUTELY no way closer to figuring out this painting mystery. I know this is supposed to be a trilogy now, but I think it just would have worked better if it had... more been more closely focused on exactly what story was trying to be told or even just combined to make one longer, fuller story.
review 2: I know it toke me awhile to read this book but it been super crazy lol. But when I had the time to read I had a hard time wanting to put it down lol. I love Lauren Henderson work she is always pulling her readers closer into the book as if your along side the characters, and I love that.This book keeps you so much on your toes and as readers we look books that will keep us on your toes lol. I love how this books had so many twice its amazing . I do believe that any body will enjoy this travel for the summer time travel. cause I did. I also love how this book makes us reader look at the cover and want to see the beautiful culture of the Italian homeland its absolutely beautiful :* So I do recommend this Book to all :) less
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A fast-fun summer read filled with hot Italian boys, kissing, and lush Italian scenery!
I thought this was a stand-alone. I feel sort of cheated now.
3.5. It was a cute summer read
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