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Bonded By Blood. Laurie London (2012)

by Laurie London(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 5
0263897184 (ISBN13: 9780263897180)
Mills & Boon
review 1: Some spoilers below. Wasn’t sure at first if I’d like this series, but now that I’ve read the first one, I can’t wait for the next. I love Dom and Mackenzie, but it’s going to be interesting to read more about the secondary characters also. It’s a little more ominous than the majority of vampire series. The vampire life details are more pronounced. It’s like a slightly darker version of ‘Scanguards’. The location (Seattle), the way Dom can’t stay away from Mackenzie, in spite of being dangerous to her and the ultimate conclusion, reminds me of ‘Twilight. (Don’t let this keep you non-Twilighters from reading this. It’s still a great story). I love how the sunlight issue is handled. ‘Catch and Release’? That’s a different way of ca... morelling it. And the Guardian headquarters are cool, especially the women’s locker room and the tunnels are a smart idea. Each of the other Guardians are interesting, especially Lily. I like Shirl & Chuck’s B&B. It’d be a great place to stay, for vampires. Though I do feel sorry for Shirl & Chuck. The character Samantha was kind of vague. For a BBF and roommate we didn’t see much of her. Maybe she shows up in later books. Dom and Mackenzie are great together. From the day they met, you could feel the tension and attraction to each other. Dom is everything you’d want in a main character lover. He’s a gentleman. He’s protective and loving and sensual. He remembers details, like how she liked her lattes and even take care of the motorcycle and camera. Mackenzie is smart, adventurous and in spite of going after her brother, she’s not foolhardy, but carries a gun and makes a plan. She’s also extremely brave for someone who suddenly discovers vampires. But it does explain her family’s odd past. The romantic ending is perfect. Though I was halfway expecting the Pavlos/Darkblood thing to continue through the series, but it probably will in a different form. And I’d like to have found out more about what happened to the other Sweetblood captives. Fave scenes: Mackenzie delivering the auction painting, Dom visiting Mackenzie’s mom and, of course, Dom and Mackenzie’s bonding ceremony.
review 2: Mackenzie Foster-Shaw, is a movie locater, with a great talent for photography, and goes to a cemetery that would be a perfect site. So Mackenzie goes there with her camera and takes excellent shots, only to meet up one a man that would change her life forever....Dominic, a vampire and one in need of blood; her blood. Dom, injured, finds a woman a beautiful one, but her blood is Sweetblood, and he fears killing her, but knows that if he doesn't take some of her blood, he could die. So Dom, feeds on her, the most exquisite and torturous experience of his life, and manages to keep her alive by giving her some of his blood, and even though he erases her memory of the event, he knows that there will always be something different, and that there is a bond between them, a bond that could save both their lives as danger draws near and threatens them both. Only their love and their bond will be able to carry them through to the end....Bonded By Blood, is the first in the Sweetblood series by Laurie London. This is the first book that I have read from this author, and I just know that I can't wait for the next one in the series!! I just love the style of this author's writing, there was so much excitement and emotion portrayed through the story and was heartfelt throughout the whole of it. The plot was steeped in adventure and intrigue, and above all the perfect mixture of romance that fully satisfies me. From the first page I was completely drawn into the story, and the details so vividly real, it was as if I was experiencing the story myself. There were also such in depth characters, and so genuine throughout all of the story, you just feel like cheering for them both until the very end. I definitely fell in love with Dom and Mackenzie, and am so grateful I got the opportunity to read from this author, for she is definitely one of my favorites ( I just hope the rest of her books live up to this one!!!) A TRULY MEMORABLE TALE!!! I LOVED IT! less
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this is a great start to a series, I like the whole sweetblood twist to the vampire lore.
One of the best authors around. This book is fantastic.
Love this series and can never wait for the next one!
Fantastic, Strong Characters.
nice read
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