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The Life Of Lee. By Lee Evans (2011)

by Lee Evans(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 2
0718156188 (ISBN13: 9780718156183)
Michael Joseph
review 1: Here lies the origin of Lee's slapstick style of comedy, his childhood. A thoroughly funny book, a roller-coaster of laugh interspersed with tragedy. A likeable character, who reveals his childhood and early adult life so that you can understand the man. Admittedly I enjoy watching Lee's comedy but it really made me laugh out loud and even my husband read it (he doesn't normally read) and loved it too.
review 2: This biography did not meet my expectations but actually ended up exceeding them. Rather than a chornology of his quite obviously amazing career in comedy this biography is a compliation of childhood and teenage memories documenting the key events, people and breaks that eventually led Lee Evans into the path of showbiz and comedy. I absolutely loved t
... morehe way that Lee Evans writes in this book, so starkly honest but at the same time cracking jokes and keeping the whole thing light. I'll be honest there were some parts of this book that made me tear-up because both he and his future wife Heather went through some really tough years but look at him! He never gave up and look where he is now! A true inspiration to anyone, especially in a climate of economic downturn which reflects so closely that in Lee's book. Not only has this book cemented the comedy genius of Evans but it has also shown me that he is an inspiration as a man, husband and entertainer! Loved it! less
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fabulous.i grew up on lawerence weston as well hilarous and deeply moving in at times.well done Lee
A funny man and some really funny parts but the story got a bit boring.
I loved this down to earth life story... this man is inspirational
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