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What A Mother Knows (2013)

by Leslie Lehr(Favorite Author)
3.19 of 5 Votes: 5
1402279566 (ISBN13: 9781402279560)
review 1: I had high hopes for this, and it really grabbed me in the beginning. Unfortunately, it felt like it was taking so long to get anywhere, I finally flipped to the end to see what happened. The character Cathy really rubbed me the wrong way too. Who speaks to a woman who has been in a horrible accident, comatose and them in rehab for 18 months the way she did? Meh. I'm giving up and returning it unfinished.
review 2: This is one of those books that just was not well written. None of the characters were believable, and the premise was unrealistic. The whole thing -- from the son, for some reason, he just did not seem like a real teenager, to the daughter, who, of course is unknowable. I read this book through just because I have an affliction about giving the
... more writer all the benefit of the doubt. But I was disappointed. My least favorite book of my year's reading challenge. less
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Seriously had to force myself to finish this. Ugh!
Crazy story...surprise ending!!
Awesome book. Great story.
Don't know why I read this
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