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Replica (2000)

by Lexi Revellian(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: 4.5 stars. A very heart-racing read at times. This story takes a close look at the truth about environment and how it can affect so many aspects of a persons life, creating conscious and even subconscious choices on a day to day and hour to hour basis. Beth, our protagonist is lovely. Strong and yet still able to be soft when the scenario requires it. Ms. Revellian's writing style kept me engrossed right up until the fantastic end. I highly recommend this read.
review 2: Are humans technologically advanced enough to create identical replicas of themselves? Replicas that have all the memories of the original? Perhaps not yet, but modern science is doing amazing things with cloning and DNA research. Sooner or later, the ethical implications of such actions will t
... moreest our society. In this novel, the choices made by scientists and government officials who create an identical replica of an innocent woman are explored, and come up wanting. The characters are well-developed and there is a lot of action moving the novel along. At heart, though, the author makes us ponder the wisdom of creating identical replicas and the societal status of these identical replicas once they have been created. Great story! less
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A very good read. Genuine. Full of action, romance, suspense, and govt. corruption. Really loved it.
An interesting idea for a story, kept me reading but wasn't earth-shattering
Loved this! Would like to read more by this author.
A decent book. A lot of unexpected twists.
You had me at Lee Child. I'm a fan.
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