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Nihal Of The Land Of The Wind (2004)

by Licia Troisi(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 2
Le Cronache del Mondo Emerso
review 1: Actual Rating: 4.5I really enjoyed it- though the romance SUCKED *see below*! In the first few chapters, the writing style and content was very childrens/middle-grade-ish, which was weird for me because I rarely read anything other than YA any more. After a few chapters though, this started to morph into really good Young Adult.I loved Nihal. She's so unique, maybe a little bit too unique. o_O I was so excited when I learned her big secret! At first, it did seem rather odd that she was so naturally skilled with the sword and beats many boys her age, because, lets face it, the other gender tends to be stonger. But what we lack in physique we make up in intelligence, wit, and looks. :)I love her determination and euro stubbornness. She didn't let anyone tell her what to do.T... morehe romance was... well, STUPID. She had this ginormous infatuation on this guy, Fen, who''s a Dragon Knight- the highest order of Knights there is. But then, her best friend tells her that Fen is in love with her AUNT, and she with him. She cries, and is very upset, and has a big pity-fest. Okay, everyone has something like that, sometime. But where other people would then cut him off, like 'Forget him,' she goes and KEEPS LIKING HIM! That drove me CRAZY! If one of my friends like a guy that I liked, then he's dead to me. I'm serious, dead. That whole issue really bothered me, but not so as to ruin the book.I love her best friends Sennar. He's so sweet! He is a prodigy sorceror, in training with her aunt, so the pair spend a lot of time together. And they make such an odd pair! The girl warrior and the prodigy sorceror. I love the way they met, and how their friendship begins. I hate what happens in the end, but hopefully Book 2 will resolve that. I loved the ending overall though. It was sweet and savory, and I can't wait to read the second book in the trilogy. Also, the book was translated from Italian to English, and I hardly noticed!Thanks again for the review copy through Netgalley!
review 2: This book is originally an Italian novel that is being released next week in English. I was fortunate enough to get an ARC through Netgalley.Nihal is a mysterious blue haired young girl who wants to be a warrior. She’s raised by her father, an armorer. She pretty much runs wild. She turns out to be a gifted swordsman and even has some magic ability. When her town is raided by the Tyrant’s forces, Nihal takes up the challenge to become a Dragon Knight and save the Land of the Wind.Always on the look out for a good fantasy series to add to my classroom library, I had high hopes. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the book.First and foremost, I'm not a big fan of Nihal's interactions with her father and aunt. It may have just been the translation issue, but the dialogue seemed off and just plain weird. It turned me off early on in the book.Second, Nihal is supposed to be this amazing warrior. How did she become this might warrior? Well just luck. She didn't really train or have an innate gift due to her mysterious heritage. She just got lucky and everyone else didn't. At least that was what I got out of it. I like my heroes with a little more grit. If you want to make her a great fighter, great, but have some reason for it.Next, The Wood Sprites are just dumb and another instance of just having amazing luck.Then there is the whole only men can be soldiers thing. Okay I get it. A very real stereotype that fits well with a medieval setting. My problem is that Nihal doesn't every really do all that much to break that barrier. It's mentioned plenty of times, but when it comes down to it no one every really stops her or simply says "no." I normally love fantasy novels, but this one was just not for me. I found it hard to finish as the annoying little things just kept piling up. This is of course just my opinion, the fact that the book is being translated into different languages tells you it has to have an audience. less
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Nota: me lo sono fatto leggere da mia figlia... per una bambina di 8/9 anni è grazioso.
Just not really in the mood for this right now but I will come back to it!
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