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A Plague Of Unicorns (2014)

by Jane Yolen(Favorite Author)
3.17 of 5 Votes: 3
0310746485 (ISBN13: 9780310746485)
review 1: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This was such an awesome book. It’s a book about an abbott who finds himself in an unlikely war against a herd of unicorns, with his precious golden apples at stake. There’s also a boy whose curiosity tends to make people run with the number of questions he asks. Put them together and you get an amazing book with just the right sense of fantasy and reality to make this a great book for kids.Of course, I devoured it in one sitting, and I loved it. Then I gave it to my 9 year old daughter, who chewed it over in 3 days. I’ve never seen her read so much, usually I have to put a timer on her to get her to read her required 20 minutes a day.She loved it as well, and I saw her doing research on real-life unicor... morens. Her only complaint was there was no table of contents. Otherwise, she loved it.
review 2: A delightful book filled with fun characters, unicorns, and an monastery full of monks. What more could you want? James if a young Earl's son full of so many questions he makes everyone crazy. When he is sent away to study a monastery, much to everyone's relief, he comes during the middle of the yearly battle between the golden apple eating unicorns and the monks. Can James come up with a plan to save the golden apples, and can he get answers to his never ending questions?Jane Yolen is a fantastic storyteller and she doesn't disappoint in A Plague of Unicorns. I only wish there was more for me to read. less
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A delightful medieval romp of monks, illuminated manuscripts, unicorns, and heroism.
2.5Promising start, but too short and too undeveloped.
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