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Gay America: Struggle For Equality (2008)

by Linas Alsenas(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 3
0810994879 (ISBN13: 9780810994874)
Harry N. Abrams
review 1: From the 19th to 21st century - this is a very interesting an informative piece on the history of GLBT progress. I found it surprising how abundant homosexuality has always been, even among notable figures. I suppose even today it's easy to think of GLBT as a rather small group but such a mindset isn't difficult when they've had to be so hush hush for so many years. It's pretty remarkable to think that even today's rather heteronormative society is much kinder on gays than it was just a few decades ago!
review 2: A good introduction to the history of gays in the US. I felt overall that the writing was informed, if not a bit agenda-driven. I find that reading non-fiction written for young adults is the perfect way for me to learn about a subject that I might ski
... morep reading about in an adult non-fiction format. This book embodied that for me; not overly detailed but enough information presented both clearly and simply that it was an easy, enjoyable read. I also learned some things I hadn't known before. less
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Interesting approach--lots of good pix......
Amazing. Must read. I learned so much.
Outstanding history!
Good Non-fiction
Grad school
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