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Veil Of Night - Cadar Kelabu (2013)

by Linda Howard(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 1
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review 1: I liked it, but didn't love it. The early connection between Jaclyn and Eric was spicy and interesting. As the book went on, I found their romance less and less believable. I would have enjoyed reading the details of them together at the end instead of just his thoughts of how they would get together. They didn't really spend too much time together in the story, and I wasn't convinced they would get along in a long term relationship.The mystery aspect was good. I personally don't like my mysteries too dark or intense and Veil of Night worked for me in that respect. I enjoyed the comedic aspect of the bitchy bride to be skewered with the kabobs she was taste testing. I didn't find the reveal of the killer too believable and just didn't feel that character fit well wit... moreh the rest of the story.
review 2: Jaclyn Wilder is a wedding planner who finds herself under investigation of the murder of the bride from hell. Detective Eric Wilder, who is in charge of the investigation, turns out to be someone that Jaclyn had just fallen into bed with the night before the murder. The story follows the progress of the investigation as well as the relationship between Jaclyn and Eric. Lots of twists and turns! less
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Awesome book! A wonderful and quick read that made me laugh
A very fitting ending, still has me chuckling :D
I have read this book, six times. I love it.
Well written, interesting book.
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