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American Monsters: A History Of Monster Lore, Legends, And Sightings In America (2014)

by Linda S. Godfrey(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 5
0399165541 (ISBN13: 9780399165542)
review 1: Godfrey provides a good overview of creature sightings in the air, in the water, and on the ground across the United States. Her approach is inclusive and uses unusual, less well-known, and very recent (in the last decade) examples of these sightings. She focuses on the sightings around her own Midwestern region of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota while not leaving out other regions of the continental U.S. The strength of her book is the sheer variety of sightings; I was especially impressed with her treatment of flying creatures, which introduced a veteran reader on the subject like myself to many sightings of which I was unaware. A weakness, if it can be called that, is her quick treatment of well-known cases like Ape Canyon and the Patterson-Gimlin film, but I supp... moreose there are plenty of other books that cover those in depth. Overall a very enjoyable read. I will return to it again.
review 2: I'm always kind of torn when reviewing books on occult and paranormal themes. There's a degree of credulity that my rational side struggles with, even as the part of me that loves speculative fiction lights up. Linda Godfrey's book covers a wide range of cryptic creatures, dividing the text into air-, sea-, and land-based mysteries. Anyway, this particular volume is one of the best written and most wide-ranging on the subject, with some old favorites and newer material. I'll admit, after reading this late at night when everyone else was asleep, I was a little nervous about turning off the lights. less
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Wishing there was more in certain parts, but really good.
Nice cryptozoology book.
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