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Kidnapped Cowboy (2000)

by Lindsey Brookes(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: Free download. This is a really sweet story about how things work out when they're supposed to. People in the right place at the right time. Caitlin has always relied on herself and when her camp for unruly teenagers is in line to be shut down by Brandon Barnes she decides to take action, but instead of Brandon she ends up with Deacon. Deacon is the opposite of his brother and decides to help, which is where things start to change for all of them. This was a lovely read, sweet and romantic with all the best feelings throughout. Deacon is so sweet and the perfect hottie. The characters all provide great aspects to this story and the writing in great. Overall a really great read.
review 2: When I saw the name of this book I did a double take. I thought I missed r
... moreead it. It intrigued me. It started off pretty well. I hooked immediately. Unfortunately, it went downhill so fast. All the good and funny part were in the chapter 1. From the moment where Brandon walked in and saw Caitlyn and Dalton the morning after the storm I was bored. I almost quit it, but I went to read something else and back to skim it to the end.It was an easy light read. If you don't want something too complicated or a big plot. You might enjoy it. less
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cute story. needs some editing. since is not the same as sense. overall I liked it.
Very fluffy and lighthearted.
A sweet easy read.
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