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The Clever Detective (2000)

by Linsey Lanier(Favorite Author)
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Clever Detective
review 1: I thought this was a childrens book, and I'm pretty sure it is marketed as a childrens book for the Nook. Not sure why a children's book would have referneced to smoking weed though? The book is about a detective who goes to meet a client and she falls into this "other world" where the client is a king who is trying to find his missing son the prince. The story has a bunch of fairy tale themes includes the 3 little pigs and Mary had a little lamb. Detective Stacye ends up finding the price and when she rescues him he says that she is now his true love.
review 2: Detective Stacey Alexander knew it was going to be a weirder-than-usual day when her new client's address happened to be a hollow tree with a door carved in the side. She stepped inside the door and fel
... morel down a dark tunnel landing in a huge underground room. (No, she did not meet Alice in Wonderland!) King Thrugood was sobbing because a dragon had abducted his son. Detective Alexander suspected The Dragons street gang, but King Thrugood assured her that this had nothing to do with gangs. He said a real dragon (as in huge lizard) was holding his son captive. Detective Alexander ventures out into the kingdom to get to the bottom of this mystery. She meets some strange characters that resemble The Three Little Pigs, the Golden Goose and Little Bo Peep. Never fear. The dragon is no problem for PI Stacy Alexander. This story has a happy ending with Stacy and the Prince exchanging a kiss...and maybe more than that???This story is really funny stuff. It could almost be material for a stand-up comedy routine. The comedy stems from the encounters that PI Alexander has with the characters and situations from the imaginary world of dragons and fairies. The entire book can be read in ten minutes or less and I promise you will find yourself grinning and shaking your head at the silliness of this story. It is an entertaining tale for the young at heart. This book is not recommended for young children because of references to adult topics (street gangs, drinking alcohol, smoking weed, etc.) and salty language. less
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Quick and cute book with familiar characters which made me smile.
i had to read all 3 books i couldn't put it down
A safe for everyone, cute, short story.
Just couldn't get into it.
A wonderful short story.
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