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Dragon Craving (2000)

by Livia Olteano(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 5
Otherworlds Summons
review 1: If you read Gargoyle Addiction, you will love Dragon Craving. If you haven't read Gargoyle Addiction yet, I strongly recommend you do that before reading this one. You don't have to, but it would be so much better for you if you did. In Dragon Craving, you get the inside scoop on the characters of Ela and Obitus, an Oracle and a Dragon. In the first book, you found out a little about them, but in this one it focuses mainly on them.These two are in for a rather bumpy and eventful ride (in more ways than one) in this action packed, emotional, seductive, sensual, fun filled journey to find a way to save the world and a heart or two along the way.The author did a wonderful job of bringing the characters to life in such a way it was hard to put the book down because you just... more had to know what was going to happen next. Not only did you meet a whole slew of new characters, but characters from the past book were also brought back so you were able to see where they were now and how their lives were going. It was terrific to get that glimpse into their lives.I know I started the review with this but I'll tell you once more. Although this would be a fine read alone book, I would highly recommend you read the first one, Gargoyle Addiction, before digging in and getting started on this one. Together you'll have a near perfect reading experience! I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to paranormal romance fans out there.
review 2: A copy was provided by the author in exchange of a honest reviewThere is something that you can always anticipate in Livia's books.Creativity.I fell in love with her Gargoyle Addiction as soon as I read it as it was one of the most original and unique books I've ever read.So naturally my expectations for Dragon Craving were really high,and Livia didn't fail to amuse me in this book too.I love the paranormal concept of this series.As a huge paranormal fan,I've seen my share of vampires,werewolves,fallen angels,nephilim,faeries and witches.But Livia presents us a total new set of paranormal creatures.Her world consists of gargoyles,weres,bladhes,zombies and dragons.Our heroine Ela is an oracle.She has this gift-or curse,depends on how you look at it-with which she gets visions of people's futures.It's not exactly fun because she can never live a normal life as she'll always know when those around her will die,and that her boyfriend's going to cheat on her. I liked the fact that she was an author.I've never read about a heroine who is an author before.Ela was an amazing character.She didn't complain or whine about her powers but accepts it and tries to do her duty correctly.She wasn't afraid of anything,and I loved her no nonsense attitude.Now our hero,Obitus is a piece of work.The powerful 3000 year old dragon whose magic has been taken from him by forcing him into hibernation for 1000 years.He's your typical paranormal bad boy with chiseled good looks,amazing dressing sense,arrogance,cockiness and a secret vulnerable side he tries to hide.He is far more ruthless and dangerous than any other bad boy I've seen as he has immense power to destroy the world.I adored the romance.Since both Ela and Obitus are strong willed and stubborn characters,their romance was the kind of love-hate relationship as they bicker like an old married couple all the time.The attraction between them was so hot- I wouldn't have been surprised if my kindle had melted-and the sexual tension was so high to the point which it affects everyone around them.I loved the cameos of Kann and Karla.I loved the new characters,the action,romance,tension,twists and the concept.In fact,despite being Erotica,the only genre I won't touch normally touch considering my age,Dragon Craving became one of my favourite book ever.It was better than the first book,if that's even possible.I am sure that any paranormal fan who has a soft spot for unique concepts and great romance will definitely fall in love with the book. less
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This one was pretty good. Liked the first one better. Review to follow.
I loved also the second book of the series.Can't wait for the next one!
Review to come!
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