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My Not-So-Still Life (2011)

by Liz Gallagher(Favorite Author)
3.05 of 5 Votes: 5
0375841547 (ISBN13: 9780375841545)
Wendy Lamb Books
review 1: I think I got this book because I liked the artistic part of it. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I liked it. I'm starting to read more realistic books, but I am still a fantasy lover at heart. I enjoyed this book because it reminded me of how I felt about photography when I was a student. It also reminded me of how i felt as a teenager. I was similar to this character in the way my mind worked at that age. I wanted to live more when I finished high school and started college though. I was very reserved as a teenager, I was very shy too and I would crush on boys but never talk to them. This story was about a girl who wanted to grow up too fast then realized she wasn't ready for the things she was about to do. I think it's a cute story about taking your time to enjoy being... more a teenager. I wish I'd have read this book as a teenager.
review 2: I think this Book is a great adventure into the life of a not so average teenager who looks at her life and the world as a big canvas waiting to be painted by her!!! This book even though using simplistic words is a young adult novel that i think the artist, the undefined, and the searching for their identity teenager would enjoy. This book showes the growing up process of Vannessa who's eager to get out into the world and become an adult so she can be the master of her own destiny. But along the way she falls into some interestingly complex situations with her friends Nick who she tries to force and make others accept his sexuality and Holly who she nudges by interviening in a secret love crush between her and her soon to be lover Wilson. Through these situations and the ones she gets into at the Pallette(her favorite art supplies store) where she becomes employed sets her up to see that growing up to fast is not always the best thing and that she doesn't always have be shocking to be an artist and that art and life becomes beautiful when there are boundaries. I love the way Mrs. Galligher uses simple but very descriptive words and very vivid images to create a picture and tell a story of a girl who's like so many of us who are just trying to find ourselves.I would recommend this book for anyone who's searching for their own identity or just wants a good little drama. That's exactly why i rate this book for me personally a 3 out of 5 stars. less
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With the exception of Nick, most of the characters in this book were completely unlikable.
Two and a half stars. Nice, not as dramatic as it was made out to be, but that was ok.
This book was really good and lots of kids should take something away from this book
Sweet, fast read about a teen trying to grow up too fast.
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