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A Year Without Autumn (2011)

by Liz Kessler(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 4
1842555863 (ISBN13: 9781842555866)
Orion Children's Books
review 1: While it may have been a little slow to get started, all while feeling as confused as Jenni at what's going on...I was sucked in. Because that's just it: you don't quite know what's going on. Oh man, this book had me riveted. Like, stay up late with a flashlight reading, riveted. Yeah. The concept just felt original and well-thought-out. The writing is fantastic, and the characters are amazing because Kessler develops them to the depth I need for a time travel book. I mean, a person is going to change in a year, so I want to see this character changed. And she delivered. The timeline is a little hard to follow, but that's because you're time traveling. So, yeah. Go and read it. It's fantastic.
review 2: This book was cute! This book is mainly for young teens an
... mored tweens and has a lesson about friendship. This book is about a girl named Jenni who goes to these vacation houses/ apartments every year and sees her friend Autumn. Jenni and Autumn were going to go horseback riding together so Jenni went up an old elevator to her friends room, but when she got there, some strange lady opened the door. There was no way to explain what happened because she was at the right room. What happened? She back home to see if she was there, but her mom only told her she had to go. Where was she? Going up the elevator actually brought her forward a year and going down takes her back. She went down the stairs one time so she stayed a year forward in her life to find out that her mother gave birth and Autumn's brother went into a coma. Jenni went back in time and changed the future so they could become friends again. less
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Such an amazing book. I don't know why I loved it so much I just did! Excellent read
I DONT KNOW WHY I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! But it's so goood. I couldn't stop reading!!!
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