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Lessons I Never Learned At Meadowbrook Academy (2014)

by Liz Maccie(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 2
1626813124 (ISBN13: 9781626813120)
Diversion Books
review 1: Roberta starts her sophomore year at a private school for wealthy students after her parents decide she's spent too much time with the wrong influences at her local public high school. Roberta isn't happy about this turn of events and feels left out until she starts making new friends. This story is told over the course of one day and this shortness of time makes the novel feel more like a novella than a full-fledged novel.
review 2: What can I say, I loved the lead character in this book, Roberta Romano, who's feisty, funny, and loyal in the way you hope all your friends from high school could be. Sure, that brassy exterior conceals a lot of raw insecurities, but Roberta strikes me as a female, teenage version of Larry David, whose efforts to shape her world o
... moreften leave her pushing against it just to keep it from rolling over her.I'm more than twice the age of the target readership, but I gave this the highest rating because it was not only charming and cleverly paced, but it took some surprising risks and delved into edgy territory for a book aimed at middle-school to early high school readers. That's brave, but necessary. This book is mostly light and funny, full of the kind of shenanigans we all miss from our teenage years, but it also is darker than you might expect -- as are the lives of your average teenagers. Maccie's novel embraces both the sunny and the shadowy.I'll be proud to keep "Lessons I Never Learned ..." on the shelf for my own daughter when she hits those late-tween, early-teen years. Life is full of hard lessons, and they don't stop when you get older. This book revels in the joy of breaking rules and living your life in the margins if other people's expectations. Yeah, there are consequences to coloring outside the lines, but who wants a book about a kid who sits quietly in class, goes straight home, does her homework and goes to bed early?Here's to the troublemakers, like Roberta, who keep things interesting. less
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