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A Dos Velas (2014)

by Liz Prince(Favorite Author)
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La Cúpula
review 1: I hardly ever read graphic novels/comics, etc., but Liz Prince makes hearts pee. Adorable, awkward, self-deprecating, and cat-loving, she welcomes you into her world of being single. This book is punctuated with cats, flannel, beards, hating Star Wars, obscure bands, garlic pits, would-you-rathers (if you read this book, you'll understand how hilarious it is that auto-correct wanted to change "would-you-rathers" to "would-you-fathers"), OkCupid, and bed head. I'm not even a hipster and I enjoy her stuff.
review 2: I want to give Liz Prince a big hug for this delightful compilation of adorable, laugh-out-loud hilarious comics about the complicated world singledom. "Alone Forever: The Singles Collection" is as comforting as a phone call to an understanding friend
... more after a terrible OK Cupid date, and more reassuring than any dating help book on the market. I'm not sure if this was her intention, but this geeky single girl says "Thank you!". To all the quirky single people out there (and the people in relationships who love them): READ THIS NOW. What I loved about this collection the most is the fact that even though dating can be rough, Liz doesn't recede into a man-hating rage and give up on dating entirely. She accepts heart break like a champ and is unwilling to give up on the idea that love is real and possible. While looking for love, she never compromises who she is, or fit into any cookie cutter mold recommended to single people looking for companionship.When I picked up "Alone Forever", I was actually on a second trip to Barnes and Noble to pick up a copy of "How to be Successful with Men" (or something like that). A friend of mine had read it and promptly met a wonderful guy on OK Cupid, who she's now moving in with. After finding it to be out of stock, I ended up walking out with a book about pirates and "Steal Like an Artist". Old habits die hard. Fast forward to 6 or so months and a boyfriend later, I'd been on 5 successful dates with a guy I'd met on OK Cupid who vanished into thin air. I didn't have the cajones to follow up with him and be rejected outright, because I really liked him and sensed he had met someone else. He was exactly what I was looking for in a man friend, so I was upset and confused, seeking answers for what I could have done to make him disappear. After a totally depressing browse through the Relationship Self Help section, I ended up in the graphic novel section and started flipping through "Alone Forever". After reading Liz's comic about her OK Cupid date with Josh, I realized that what happened to me happens to even the coolest of chicks. It sounds nuts, but I am pretty convinced, that Josh was actually the dude who had ghosted out on me (down to his eerily similar name, look, behavior, manner of departure, music scene, geography, and even the fact that he mentioned dating a girl named Liz who he's friends with now-which didn't occur to me until I wrote this review). Rather than wallow in sadness, she picked up and kept on trucking, and it inspired me to do the same. I promptly put back the garbage self-help books I was planning on buying, and ultimately leaving with "Alone Forever", "Ghost World", and a copy of Stephen King's "Gunslinger". I'm sure most professional dating coaches would die and this book selection would send some dudes running, but some old habits are best left living. You can only hide who you actually are for so long. "Alone Forever: The Singles Collection" is a testament to the fact that that the biggest mistake you can make when dating is to sacrifice who you are. It's better to be yourself by yourself, and continue to hope to find someone who likes the beat of your unique drum. Thanks for the awesome collection, Liz!!! I'm an uber fan of your work and can't wait to read everything else you've penned. less
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Hilarious, adorable and awkward. I will be sure to read more Liz Prince stuff!
We've all been there, done that.
Wish it had been longer!
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