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Exercise for 12 Minutes a Week and Get Stronger?

If there was a way to lower cholesterol, increase your metabolic rate, improve flexibility, reduce diabetes, shed fat, build bone density and manage pain—would you give it a try? In their book, Body by Science, Doug Mcguff and John Little propose a system of exercise that does just that. It’s weight lifting for any age.

If I do Aerobic, why do I needs weights?

In their book, they explain that the normal repair mechanisms of youth disappear as we age. The body can’t repair itself after a long run or bike ride. Often, irreparable damage is done by the aging athlete who pushes themselves day after day doing extended aerobics. The authors site study after study in which athletes and non-athletes outperformed previous personal bests by simply lifting weights for 12 minutes a week.

12 Minutes Per Week?

Their studies determined that by a simple routine of three weight lifting exercises, any person—man, woman, any age—could maintain and increase strength and this only takes twelve minutes a week. It doesn’t include any running, spinning, or swimming. Their system is based on low frequency, that is few lifts of weights, but lifting to the maximum you can do.

This is an important book.

Body by Science is an important book for any person who wants to be strong, fit, and healthy—especially as they age. It’s the new paradigm for exercise that allows one to get rid of time consuming trips to the gym, time away from family and friends, and joint destroying aerobics. It’s a very good read. The authors take a scientific approach and also present the material is a very readable way.

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