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Alone Forever: The Singles Collection (2014)

by Liz Prince(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 1
1603093222 (ISBN13: 9781603093224)
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review 1: Another hilarious, honest, thoughtful comic collection by Liz Prince, exploring the tragedies and freedoms of a single life (with cats). "Alone Forever" was a quick read, but one that really resonated with me. Prince's cartoonish art is a great for her use of understated, everyday humor- can convey so much emotion in her work with just a single panel without words Her insights on OkCupid seem particularly spot on, and I swear, dreaming about text messages is becoming the second most common dream (after public speaking). I could not help noticing her listening to my favorite Weakerthans record, which always struck me as particularly good one for those times you are not sure about yourself and I think "Alone Forever" is also great read for times like ... morethis.
review 2: Liz Prince's work brings a sense of humor to what can be an uneasy topic - going on a series of dates, wondering if it would be better to be single, and then trying the OK Cupid scene. Her short, approachable comics also address the challenges of being the person in a group of friends who is always developing a crush on a new cutie. Observant throughout and sometimes brutally honest, this was an engaging read that serves well as an intro to Prince's work despite its brevity. less
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Shout out to my good friend Ryan the Terrible for being in one of these comics.
Another great read from Liz. Totally relatable and funny.
Sweet and funny! I love Liz's work so much.
Laugh out loud hilarious. Loved it!
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