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Mechanical Magic (2012)

by Lorraine Ulrich(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 3
1613723601 (ISBN13: 9781613723609)
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: This is a sweet little steampunk fantasy that has a lot of the elements I love. It's got some pretty good world building, and the main characters are appealing. The steampunk aspect is fascinating, with the little bit of magic thrown in with the mechanics. My biggest frustration was that it could have been outstanding - the piracy noted at the beginning never went anywhere, and the threat of the owner wasn't really resolved in any believable way. Those two items could have been woven together with the skills of the two main characters into an intriguing resolution; it was a totally squandered plot.
review 2: I found myself drawn into this story incredibly quickly. The setting was described beautifully and I was fascinated with Aster's creations. His shop felt
... more like it would be a magical place to visit. The relationship between Aster and Y'rean was sweet and poignant from the beginning and it developed into a beautiful loving bond. Although there was a sad undercurrent running through the book I felt that this was a story of hope and new beginnings. less
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This is a cute and sweet story, showing the slow building of a loving relationship.
3.5 stars.
3.5 stars
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