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A Little Night Magic (2012)

by Lucy March(Favorite Author)
3.41 of 5 Votes: 3
1250002672 (ISBN13: 9781250002679)
St. Martin's Griffin
Nodaway Falls
review 1: Με χαρα το αγορασα αλλα και συγχρονως το τελειωσα με νευρα!!!!Το πιο χειροτερο βιβλιο σχεδον που διαβασα στην ζωη μου.Τι μαγικο και κουραφεξαλα,και τι αγαπη και συγκινηση.Αυτο ειναι ενα βιβλιο για νεανικα παιδια,οχι για ενηλικες.Μια ιστορια χωρις νοημα και με διαλογους ασχετους.Το τελος..πληρης απογοητευση...λυπαμαι ειλικρινα οσους θα το αγορασουν και θα δουν οτι δεν αποτελει και τιποτα σπουδαιο.Δηλαδη ωραιο εξωφυλλο αλλα η ισ... moreορια..τιποτα.Κρμα πολυ κριμα...και αδικα και τα λεφτα που εδωσα.Καλα να παθω που το αγορασα και δεν εκατσα να διαβασω πρωτα τις κριτικες εδω.
review 2: This was a quick enjoyable read. As others have stated the magic is a foil not really a major fleshed out system. The cast of supporting characters is interesting if stereotypical. There is a lot going on with the heroine's friends and neighbors, luckily she is too self centered to care and so everyone else turns their attention to her and eventually solve the magical problems. Along the way her family and friend die but hey in the end she gets the guy.The heroine is in the midst of a early mid life crisis, probably has something to do with her reported college attendance of at least a year that resulted in a career as a waitress at a Waffle House. There are a lot of these types of details that just don't make sense and were clearly not well thought out. These details don't really bother me while reading, the book is too light to care, however any introspective thought would ruin the enjoyment. less
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Magicial fiction. My first love and this story has it all! Loved everything about it.
Not a lot of character development, but I liked it anyway. Light, fluffy, fun.
Meh..... It was a cute read. A good summer fun read. But that's about it.
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