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Shoot The Wounded (2009)

by Lynn Dove(Favorite Author)
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1926676394 (ISBN13: 9781926676395)
Word Alive Press
review 1: I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.I was wary of reading this book because it is "Christian Fiction" and I was ready to criticize the theology and writing. Overall, the book was better than I expected. I'll describe it in a pro/con format.Cons:The problem with a lot of Christian media (I'm looking at you, Facing the Giants) is that everything turns out ok in the end. I think these stories would be stronger if the characters didn't get what they needed/wanted but stayed faithful to God anyway. This story isn't as bad as some, Jake is shown as remaining faithful during rough times, but I think all of that gets a little lost.I wasn't crazy about the writing style. It just seemed... unpolished? And there were several times where the author would ... morelaunch into random descriptions of things I just didn't think were important or relevant in this type of book.The following isn't a spoiler because you find it out in the first few pages of the book: The girl who gets teen pregnant dies. Actually it wasn't done poorly, ie it didn't seem like a 1970s "whoever misbehaves gets punished" type thing, but I still feel like there could have been more done with that character.Pros:The theology wasn't bad, it just wasn't all evident in the outcomes. For example, Jake telling Ronnie she can't lose her salvation. That is a biggie. The characters were also focused on forgiveness and being called to God, rather than just deciding it's what you wanna do one day.The characters were frustratingly realistic. For example, the church rumor mill situations. However, just because the people did things that weren't so nice, they weren't portrayed as not being Christian because of it. They were people who made some mistakes and then were sorry about it, sometimes too late. So this book didn't have a 100% dichotomy of "these are good Christian people these are bad non-Christians." Pretty much every major character in the book was Christian and they were humanly flawed, except for a few times when Jake was way too good.It wasn't a bad read, it just wasn't a great read. I think if the writing style had been a little better I would have liked it more, and I also think people need to come to grips with the fact that things don't work out perfectly all the time for Christians any more than they do for everyone else.
review 2: Review by Jill WilliamsonBest friends Leigh and Ronnie have grown apart now that they are in high school. But then Jake movies to town and seems to bring them back together. At first. Then the rumors start. And Leigh can’t believe that her friends could have done the things people say. Her heart is broken. What is it with people who claim to be Christians but don’t live like one?This was a gripping book. I read through it in one day. What I liked most about it, and what I think makes it different from every other Christian contemporary teen book I’ve read, is that it deals with assumption. We all do this. We assume we know what’s going on everywhere. We hear something—what is truly a rumor or gossip—and we accept it as fact. We jump to what we feel is the obvious conclusion. Then we let it color our opinion of a person. I really enjoyed thinking about this as I read this story and watched what happened as people assumed they knew what was going on. This is a great read for teens. less
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I won a copy of this book and will update my review once I have finished reading it!
This book was very good I wish more people read this type of book.
COuldn't finish. Sorry. The characters were too preachy for me.
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