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Accidental Cowgirl (2013)

by Maggie McGinnis(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 5
0345548752 (ISBN13: 9780345548757)
review 1: Hard to believe that Accidental Cowgirl is Maggie McGinnis's debut contemporary romance novel. This book is such a sweet, feel good romance, that it will have you wishing this story never ended. Kyla's life can't get any worse. She found out her fiance already had a wife and was just using her. He was a master con artist. He took all her money, along with the money that belonged to her grandparents. Then after all that, she gets into a serious car accident that leaves her broken in more ways than one. Kyla's two girlfriends pay for a two week stay at the Whisper Creek Dude Ranch, in hopes it will help her out of her funk. Wherever there's a ranch there has to be cowboys right? Decker Driscoll is an architect in the city but is returning home to Whisper Creek. Decker hasn't... more been home in years but when his sorry excuse for a father dies, leaving the Ranch in a whole lot of debt, Decker comes back to help his mom and brother. We see a connection between Kyla and Decker from the very beginning and it never once fizzles out. They both have baggage that is holding them back, and more than enough obstacles that try to keep them apart....For example, Malibu Barbie. My favorite part of the book is toward the end when Kyla demands a refund...you have to buy this book to understand why it's my favorite.Accidental Cowgirl had me hooked from the first chapter and my attention never once wavered. I'm looking forward to reading about Kyla's girlfriends in the next two books and getting to see who they end up with.
review 2: Downloaded from Netgalley for honest review.Fabulous cowboy romp!!! This is the quick fire love story between Decker - handsome architect/cowboy and Kyla - petite/broken spirited MBA. They are both running from a guilt ridden past and meet at Whisper Creek ranch, which Deckers family own. There is a spark between them instantly but due to misunderstandings and outright lies by "Malibu Marcy" they are always just out of synch. It was a shorter length book but lost nothing. We have a great back story of Kyla and her rat ex-fiancé Wes and some comic relief with the ranch hands and Kyla's best friends. Stonking good story all round and will happily find more by this author and download asap!!! less
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Cute story, funny wit. I'm more of a chaste romance reader not so much into the "details".
WOW! I could not put this book down. I am not sure what else to say.
3.5 rounded up - really hoping she writes moer about Kyla's friends
Good read. I found I couldn't put it down when it was time to stop.
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