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Surviving Passion (2000)

by Maia Underwood(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 5
The Shattered World
review 1: I thought this book was quite good, but it did take me a while to actually get into it. Selena is a young woman surviving on her own after the worldwide economy crash that has left the country completely devastated. One day whilst scavenging around a ghost town she hears male voices and knows to avoid them, steals one of their horses and runs off only to be later kidnapped by another man named Dan who forces her back to his little refugee camp of survivors, who actually have a nice, little community set up in a valley. Dan gives Selena a choice - stay here or leave. She hasn't been near any other people in over 4 years so decides to give community living a chance. However, she finds it difficult at first to interact with them all, especially Dan who rouses some strange fee... morelings in her.The men that Selena ran from in the town have been causing problems for Dan's group and they decide to take their revenge on them and get them before they are gotten! Selena comes in very useful here, even though Dan becomes quite angry at her for what she did. She can never seem to please him! When another man in the camp, Clint, attempts to rape her, she decides it's best to leave but Dan soon catches up with her and their first sexual encounter was rather odd as well. Not quite forced sex, but the romance side of things just didn't seem to be there - there was definitely no real passion as far as I was concerned. This leads the relationship between Selena and Dan to become very strained.And then things take a turn for the worst even more. Clint does something I never expected. Dan shows his true fighting skills, learnt from his Special Forces trained father and Selena manages to become more than just an unwilling victim. I thought the writing style was fine and was pleased that this story had been well edited - something I generally don't find with the new or self-published authors I have previously read and I thought the world-building descriptions were really detailed. I think my main problem with this book was the lack of passion. I just didn't feel it, so for me the title just didn't fit. I appreciate that Selena was a little immature emotionally due to her way of life before she moved to the camp, but even Dan was quite emotionless and they didn't really develop the kind of romanticisms I expected to find. Hopefully as Selena grows up and her relationship with Dan develops, there will be more passion to be seen. Haven't decided if I want to read the next one or not yet - it's on my maybe list, but you never know.
review 2: I wanted to like this book. I really did. Especially since I bought the sequel at the same time as this one. I did get through it, but barely. I can't remember ever reading another book that NEVER once (as far as I could tell) had a perspective other than the main characters. You never learned anything about any other character in the book unless it was related to her and what she was thinking. About 1/2 way through I found myself getting extremely frustrated with it. I just wanted to learn something about someone else, and I wanted to learn it from THEM not HER. I'll try reading the 2nd book with the hopes that this will change. If not, I don't know that I'll be able to finish it. less
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loved this book, cant wit til book 3 comes out
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2 stars
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