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The Last Narco: Inside The Hunt For El Chapo, The World's Most Wanted Drug Lord (2010)

by Malcolm Beith(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 2
0802119522 (ISBN13: 9780802119520)
Grove Press
review 1: This is a fast-moving story of the rise of Mexico's most feared and influential drug lord, El Chapo. The Sinaloa cartel occupies the number one position in terms of prestige of drug organisations and Guzman Loera has hit the Forbes list of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world. After a daring prison break he hides out from Mexican and US authorities as well as rival gangs in the hills of his native Mexico. Beith is a journalist who attempts to piece together the myths surrounding this elusive character and he weaves a very readable and exciting story together which combines romance, bloodthirsty homicide, big business administration, corruption and the life of the modern day Mexican Robin Hood and his associates. The situation in Mexico is extreme and unbelieva... moreble in may ways. It has certainly transcended all the boundaries first witnessed during the rise of the Colombian cartels decades ago. This book is perhaps lacking in truth in some ways as the evidence is so difficult to establish, yet it is well-written and gives the reader a good insight into one of the greatest plagues of the modern world.
review 2: The book “The last Narco” is about a Mexican cartel that gets arrested and get out when he wants to because, he pays the police and everyone in jail. He cartel can do whatever he wants to because he is the boss. Nobody that can mess with him or even touch him. El chapo (the cartel) is tired of being locked up so he escapes from prison. The police keeps looking for the cartel because he is dangerous and has a lot money. The police looks everywhere for him but when they are close to capture him he escapes and runs away. Still today they keep looking for him. less
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An awesome book that gives you the inside look at one of the most powerful drug lords.
All about the big drug kingpins in Mexico.
Muy instructivo
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