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Club Justice (2012)

by Mara McBain(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 1
Wynwidyn Press, LLC
Trinity Falls
review 1: This is a crime/thriller that involves badass biker brothers; there are some steamy moments but not a traditional romance.The story was an absolute surprise. On my summer of bikers’ reading, this was good. I could even forgive my pet peeve of bad editing, as there was dialog in complete sentences.I liked that Zeke and Ginny had an established and loving relationship. It was so nice for a change to read adults talking to each other like adults, and no excessive use of the word awesome!Some of the drama was OTT. The bad guy, Kramer, was a little too much. In real life, IA only investigates the officer not friends and family in the way Kramer does. He would have been the one up on charges.I really enjoyed Ginny’s confrontation with her mother regarding the abuse suf... morefered at the hands of her father. That was kick-ass. I liked Ginny; she was so feisty and straightforward. Zeke was biker badass but not testosterone poisoned. A nice, fun summer read!
review 2: This is/was a hard book for me to process and to elaborate on how I feel. I rate this at 4 because I am stuck on the characters and how they affected me....Zeke is a police officer who plays by the rules sometimes; he is also a MC prez and a marine. He does not cross the line until someone messes with his family including the MC. This guy is definitely the typical book alpha male. Ginny is the wife and best friend to Zeke and has had her own fair share of problems. A father who abused her and a brother who died in a war. The only person she has ever relied on is Zeke.This story gives a little background and shows us what type of relationship they have. It was very subtle and gave me insight to what the fictional place holds dear. However this story has a dark side thaqt at certain points made me cringe. I never want to be on the badside to anyone of those guys that is for sure.This story was filled with sex and violence and it must be stated it is not for everyone...I guess my queasiness is from the dark subject matter not necessarily to the writing or the story telling. I am glad I received this series and I am going to be on my way to the next one club ties... less
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Four stars. Good book, entertaining plot and twist.
This is my debut novel. I hope you enjoy!
Zeke and GinnyRead 5th March 2013
3.5 stars Review to come...
DNF... No review givin
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