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Club Ties (2012)

by Mara McBain(Favorite Author)
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Wynwidyn Press, LLC
Trinity Falls
review 1: I enjoyed this one. I liked that it was a new, younger couple romance. But, for all Mox's--and the club members--talk about protecting their own, and protecting their women, when it came right down to it, they just didn't. I mean, Eva tried to protect them, while the big tough guys were victimized by the bad guys, then sat around while the Feds did their thing. In the end, I was not impressed by the brand of "justice" the club meted out. I would have liked to see Mox to the rescue, with his best bro Rhys at his back.
review 2: Fan-freakin-tastic! I LOVED this one! First I will say the POV's it's written in (as opposed to book 1) was so much easier to follow which made it a much smoother read. Also, I LOVED Mox from book one and I was SO excited that this book w
... moreas his! Mox captured my heart in book one with the sad history of his worthless birth mother, his fierce love for the only real mother he's ever really know and his honor and loyalty to his family and his club. The beginning of Mox and Eva's story mimics the history of Zeke and Ginny, and in that moment it was easy to see fate was at work. It was heartwarming to see the, ever alone, Mox find true happiness even if it takes quite the fight to obtain it. This was a fantastic addition to a series I hope to see much more from!!! (Please Rhys story next!!!!) less
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3rd in the series. please mara mcbain hurry up with the 4th.
Mox and EvaRead 6th March 2013
Loved it!
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