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The Darkest Joy (2014)

by Marata Eros(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 3
1476752214 (ISBN13: 9781476752211)
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The Darkest Joy
review 1: I really liked this book 1. This book was good because it was realistic I find. People would normally want to run from their problems if they were very bad. also I love that Brooke dint fall in love right off just because somebody else was falling for her. 2. I love that Brooke was able to get past what happened and moved on with her life. Also that she didn't stop doing the things she loved even though she wanted to. 3. I love that this had ups and downs because nothing is ever perfect. The writing was really good and i love Chance and Brooke because they are amazing and they bring out the best in eachother. It is a book i would definitely recommend.
review 2: When Brooke Starr loses her entire family in a brutal tragedy, she abandons her dreams of playing pi
... moreano at Juilliard and she moves to Alaska to her Granny’s cottage, determined to escape from the past that’s haunting her. But it’s harder than she imagined…When Chance Taylor spots Brooke jumping off the pier and into the Alaskan sea, he doesn’t think twice about diving in to save her. The chemistry between Chance and Brooke is amazing – almost enough to make you want to move to Alaska and find yourself a fisherman!When the past comes back to threaten Brooke in full force, she must face her demons, but Chance is right there at her side. Between their steamy scenes and the tragedy that seems to follow Brooke around, you’ll churn through it.This was my first Marata Eros, although I’ve been meaning to read A Terrible Love for ages now, and for the life of me I can’t work out why I haven’t picked them up sooner! You’ll be gripped from the start with this sexy thriller! less
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Beautifully written. Wonderful story. I love how Marata Eros brings joy and love out of tragedy.
Fabulous read. Cute romance. Shocking villian. Loved it!
Have not read yet but is my TBR
*review to come* 3.5 Stars
Love,love,love :-)
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