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Behind The Cloud: The Untold Story Of How Salesforce.com Went From Idea To Billion-Dollar Company-And Revolutionized An Industry (2009)

by Marc Benioff(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 1
0470521163 (ISBN13: 9780470521168)
review 1: An interesting, easy romp through the play-book of this pioneer software-as-a-service business and CRM behemoth. Benioff writes in an engaging and only slightly smug fashion, reeling off a numbered list of business lessons for us mortals.Most of it's fairly obvious stuff, but there's plenty of good points reinforced and a few twists. The emphasis on selling and market/brand development makes this a must-read for the Sales Team and aspiring web entrepreneurs alike.
review 2: Having started an enterprise software company during the same period of time this book covers, it brought back memories of going through to process and pointed out how the company I helped found could have been even more successful (had we done some of what Salesforce did).Definitely a good
... moresource of advice for anyone trying to start a cloud based service or even for those using cloud based services. less
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Have not finished ... Too worky.... Reading time too precious for worky... Work enough as it is
Great playbook from the guy that built the business.
I'm a nerd
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