Bitter Harvest – Wendy Tyson

 4/5 Adirondack Chairs

On The Back:

Megan Sawyer should be shouting from the barn roof. Washington Acres survived its first year, the café has become a hotspot for locals, and Winsome’s sexy Scottish veterinarian is making house calls—only not for the animals. But as summer slips into fall and Winsome prepares for its grand Oktoberfest celebration, beer isn’t the only thing brewing. 

When the town’s pub owner is killed in a freak accident, Megan suspects something sinister is afoot in Winsome—but no one is listening. As nights grow longer and temperatures chill, Megan must plow through Winsome’s fixation with autumn festivities to harvest the truth—before another dead body marks the season.

My Thoughts:

A stunning premise filled with solid characters and a thriller-ish plot, Bitter Harvest was a wonderful sophomore book in this series!

Megan is definitely a strong main character. She knows what she feels, and she doesn’t waiver. Her sleuthing is a little bit more than I typically like, but it works. I like Denver, Clover, Bibi, and the rest of the characters, also. Really the only character I didn’t like was the perpetrator, who I wasn’t supposed to like.

The mystery was strong, ans, as I mentioned, had a thriller feel to it. However, I feel that the ending was rushed. The big picture part of the mystery also feel into a stereotypical cozy mold, which wasn’t my favorite. The setting was wonderful, and the premise of the series is to-die-for.

Overall an excellent book. I can’t wait to read the next one (which I’ve already got an ARC of!) Highly recommend!

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