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God Collar (2011)

by Marcus Brigstocke(Favorite Author)
3.41 of 5 Votes: 5
0593067363 (ISBN13: 9780593067369)
Bantam Press
review 1: I'm a fan of Marcus Brigstocke. I identify with his politics and love his rants on the radio where he says things no one else dares to. So I like this book. It arose out of a tour he did on the subject, and I don't doubt for a moment his sincerity in the questions he asks and the stances he takes. It's very funny. And that, perhaps, is a difficulty. Does the need to be funny trump the need to be thoughtful? There are points in the book where you feel he's run out of anything to say and just wants to do the comedy routine. But most of the time he is making very valid points, some of which I would love to argue with.
review 2: As one who spends more time reading than watching TV or listening to the radio, I was not aware of Marcus Brigstocke until a frien
... mored recommended the book. He is a stand-up comedian, who normally calls himself an atheist, but wrote this book while going through a crisis of non-faith, a "crisis of fact" as he calls it. It is very funny and irreverent, but with an under-current of seriousness. He says he is lookiong for something but doesn't know quite what it is he is looking for. less
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it did everything I thought it would, it made me laugh and think in roughly equal measures.
Pretty boring. Not as clever as I hoped . Rants less funny in the book. Didn't finish it.
Very interesting
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