What I’m Into: Fall 2017 Edition


TRAVELS: I took a road trip to North Carolina earlier this month and stopped by Nest Fest because I thought it would be a beautiful event, and I was pretty curious about it. I wanted to get my copy of At Home in the World signed by Tsh Oxenreider too. I handed Tsh my book to sign, had our pictures taken together, and almost walked away before it hit me: I hadn’t told her how much I appreciate what she does and how meaningful her work is! I’m glad I did remember to say it, though. This is what happens when a shy, introverted person tries to get a book signed in a bustling line of people, lol. Anne Bogel’s table was really busy, and I have an audio version of her book, so I didn’t make it to her table — but I definitely did the “ah, that’s what she looks like in real life” glance of a fan. After the book signing, I walked around to the different tents and RVs filled with home decor and crafts with my son. My little guy, who is naturally curious and pretty well-behaved, was really good company. He enjoyed listening to the music, checking out the free-roaming rooster, and assessing the RVs. When we got home, he loved unboxing the craft kit we bought from the adorable Crowned Sparrow Co. and helping me make a little piece of art to hang on his bedroom wall.

ONE FOR THE BUCKET LIST: I rented a pontoon with my family and spent a gorgeous fall day on a huge lake. When I reserved the pontoon, I had no idea it would be so clean and pretty, with comfortable leather seats. Driving a boat safely is a little less easy-breezy than you might imagine (you do have to know some rules, lol). We watched the videos and passed the test to get our temporary boating license, and our only real fail of the day was when one side of our anchor rope blew back into the propeller and left us stranded for about 20 minutes. We will know to watch for that next time. Seeing the autumn leaves from a pontoon is, frankly, pretty awesome.

LISTENING: Right now, I like the old school country sound of Midland. I’m looking forward to Taylor Swift’s new album. I’m also playing the original “Camelot” on vinyl a lot because the Kennedys were such fans of it. In the words of King Arthur, “Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief, shining moment, that was known as Camelot.” I guess I’m longing for the peace, integrity, and chivalry.

YUM FACTOR: Artigiano Vino Rosso Cheese (It’s made in Wisconsin, soaked in red wine, and freakin’ delicious.)

MY STORE: Torrid, thank you for existing for the curvy ladies who want to dress in a way that’s fun. I get so many compliments on my clothes. They’re even selling a Luke’s Diner (Gilmore Girls) shirt right now that was a must-have for me.

PRAYER REQUEST: I started a Bible Journaling Club at the school where I teach, so please pray for the students who show up at it. Some do not go to church, and some do not identify as Christians. The students like to paint and draw, so the art aspect intrigues them. It is an incredible opportunity, and I am in awe of how God has already worked on behalf of our club.

MY SHORT PRAYER: Light the path. Make the way straight. Direct my steps, Lord.

Happy Fall!



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