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The Hazards Of Hunting While Heartbroken (2011)

by Mari Passananti(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 2
0615493645 (ISBN13: 9780615493640)
Rutland Square Press
review 1: So I liked this book. It wasn't a BAD book. However it never really drew me into the story. I could tell from the beginning that something was going to be wrong with her mystery rich man Oscar and he got WAYYY too interested when conversations were going towards all of the political debates. Wayyyyyy too interested. I could tell the whole time he was a bad dude and involved in some way. Then there's her bff Kevin. He was a nice character but there wasn't enough between the two of them. The author just told you how things were with them and didn't let the reader experience it for themselves. Granted for most of the book they were in a fight... but still there could have been more to make it seem more like a probable half-way ending that we ended up with. I honestly think th... moreat my favorite character in the whole story was the crazy guy from the office that she used as a sounding board. It was nice that in the end her crazy ridiculous boss boosted her up and actually showed that she had faith in her and didn't really fail at everything too. Altogether it wasn't a bad book. It had a lot more potential than I think it received in the end though.
review 2: I could not find this book on Goodreads. I had to manually add this book. I wasn't quite sure about this, since I didn't find any reviews. As you can see it took me one day to read it! It was GREAT! I loved the story, it is a romance, with some suspense in it, it kept my attention and I loved the main character, Zoe. She had it bad for a man that admired her from across the street in another office. She fell hard, but knew something was a miss. Her best friend Angela and Kevin, are great too. less
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Single girls life in NYC! Work, relationships, friends, lovers, scandal! All together! Loved it!
A sweet funny story but overly predictable
The title drew me in and I liked the book.
Kept me interested but didn't love it
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