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The Pickup Pros (2012)

by Maria-Foteini Alevizou(Favorite Author)
3.11 of 5 Votes: 3
1481162071 (ISBN13: 9781481162074)
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review 1: I really enjoy this book the quotes are nice and in some of the cases really close to reality. The illustrations are pretty nice and I think that is a light nice reading. But as some of these comic books is quite short. It will be nice if the authors write a sequel with women answer's. They also have some stereotypes. Some people complain about the Stereotypes in their critics, but for me that is the funny part. We all know not everybody is the same. But we also need a laugh when we see common phrases....
review 2: Not bad. This is a very short book. Honestly, the idea--pickup lines for various professions and types of people--seems more appropriate as one of those lists of email jokes that used to circulate back in the early days of the internet. As
... morea comic strip, it feels a little thin. That said, some of these are fairly amusing. The artwork isn't bad, just a bit on the bland side. I wanted to like this more than I did but it's just very mediocre. If the writing and/or the art were a bit more edgy or something ... but on the other hand, how edgy could one really expect a collection of pickup lines to be anyway? It's entirely possible I'm not the right audience to appreciate this. All I know is that it's short and unmemorable and I doubt I'll be rereading it. less
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Glad I got this as a free download. Took me about 10 mins to read.
What a waste of time, space, paper and ink.......
Dat was quiet fun! :D
Short and fun.
Meh. Cheesy.
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