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Confessions Of A So-Called Middle Child (2013)

by Maria T. Lennon(Favorite Author)
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0062126903 (ISBN13: 9780062126900)
Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child
review 1: Ha! My first read of 2014 is this kids book about a troubled (and trouble!) middle child and reformed bully. I was laughing out loud and really enjoyed it. I totally loved her required reading list for the summer, which included Embrace Your Inner Middle Child "Written by my very own shrink, this book could end life on this planet, because most people would prefer killing themselves instead of turning another page." Oh, and of course, the best line in it, "True Fact: Forgiveness is everything."
review 2: This is a typical middle grade read where the main character starts off troubled and ends up redeeming herself. However, as mundane as that may sound, this story started off a little slowly then captured my attention and keep me turning pages. Charlie, the MC
... moreis a middle child, readers can probably gather that information from the title alone. Her older sister, Penelope (Pen for short) is very popular and sort of a bleeding heart liberal. She's always "spear-heading" activist groups for some type of cause. Felix, her younger brother is adorable and attracts attention for is adorability factor. Charlie, on the other hand is nothing special, in her mind and struggles to make friends. She has a strong desire to be popular, she loves trends, fashion and clothes. Her main issues is she tries way too hard to be popular. She's also very jealous and thinks only of herself. Her siblings consider her mean. The story begins with Charlie's family moving to a completely different town and the kids having to go to a new school because Charlie was expelled from her old school for a laxative prank. Charlie is forced to see a shrink as a result of the nasty prank. Her shrink insists before he will release her from his care that she has to make friends with the most friendless and needy person in the school - the one everyone makes fun of. For Charlie this is a death curse because how can you be popular if you hang around with a friendless nerd? Anyways, the story ends up being quite a journey and transformation for Charlie. Its a great teaching book, with a nice morals and values. Luckily it doesn't come off as being preachy. It broaches topics of popularity, bullying and fitting in - all thing middle grade students face in real life today. Initially, this book started off slow, I didn't agree with Charlie or her defensive, stand-off ish personality. She blamed everyone but herself for the problems she had. Over the course of the story, Charlie changed into a more likable person. This is a totally contemporary read. What kept me turning pages was the mystery surrounding the odd girl, Marta, who Charlie must befriend. I wanted to know her secrets, so I kept reading. It was worth sticking with because in the end I really liked how the story wrapped up. This book also talks quite a bit about Harry Houdini. I like finding out more about his life, too. Oh and I can't forget to mention, gymnastics plays a semi big role in this story too! less
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Common sense media gives this 4 stars for age 8 and up, about the middle school popularity race.
review can be found on readinglark.blogspot.com
too young for the YARP list
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