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Acts Of Mercy (2009)

by Mariah Stewart(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 2
0345506146 (ISBN13: 9780345506146)
Ballantine Books
Mercy Street
review 1: Although I really liked the first two books in the Mercy series, I found this last one riveting. It could easily be read as a stand alone because enough background information is given to avoid any confusion. The continuing saga concerning Robert's missing family is kept as a backdrop, providing momentary relief to the primary story, and is finally given some amount of closure. The main story revolves around a former FBI profiler who is trying to move beyond a tragedy in his life. Being hired by the Mercy Street foundation to solve a case forces him to evaluate his situation, where he soon realizes everything is not as it seems, either in romance or murder. Expertly told story with a shocking confession near the end. Mercy Street has work yet to do, and I am hoping t... morehis is not the last of the series.
review 2: This book seems to be bring these 3 books to a close. The foundation is going like gangbusters and Robert is getting answers to his missing family. I found the new guy, Sam, to be interesting, part of him was broken, part of him was healing. He could go either way with his future. Working the case helped Sam work through so many issues, I enjoyed seeing him get past those hurdles.Robert really ran the gauntlet in what happened with him. I loved that he was finally see Suzanna as more than a friend, loved that Trula needled him about it. But the best thing was the last bit that happened, it gives me hope that there are happy endings for all the characters.I wish there were more books in this series to read. less
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A little too 'coincidental' but I loved it and wished she's continue the series.
4.75 stars! Intense, fast paced. Very hard to put down. Couple of twists. Nice!
Enjoyed this series very much. Read the whole series in 4 days!
Mariah Stewart outdid herself on this one!
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