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My Deepest Love: Zack (2008)

by Marie Rochelle(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
1594266972 (ISBN13: 9781594266973)
Mundania Press LLC
The Drace Brothers
review 1: I had a really hard time with this book. Tracie got on my nerves a lot with her over reacting and Zack drove me crazy because it seemed like all he did through out the story was apologize to Tracie when what he really needed to do was find someone else! I also felt like the "pet names" were an over abundance to the point that I found myself rolling my eyes quite often when the two were talking to each other. There were a lot of grammer issues and misspelling. For the price of the book I expected no issues in that area and was surprised to see it so many times. That being said, it is hard to not read the next book in this series because I am intrigued with the other brothers in the Drace family. More so with Lee Drace and Cherise. I am hoping book II will not let me do... morewn because it will be horrible for me to have wasted my time and hard earned money on another boring book..
review 2: First the negatives:This book has one of my pet peeves. The conversations don't seem realistic. The constant "babe" "love" "sweet" was a little much. Even with the most in love couples, it was much. Now, stepping onto my soap box: The heroine is supposedly an ED nurse. That should have been my first clue to stop reading this. Note to all writers. The nurses that read your books take offense to the notion that we are "just a nurse" and not a doctor or that the ones that are really smart, for whatever reason, dropped out of medical school, or really secretly want to be doctors. Guess what!! There are plenty of brilliant nurses who always wanted to be nurses. It's a different kind of care of the patient. And, if you are going to write about nurses, have an idea of our role in the care of the patient. The fact that an ED nurse with 6 years of experience could or better yet would only hold pressure to a stab wound and then have to step aside so the doctors could try and "save" the patient is laughable. I worked in the Intensive Care Unit of a level one trauma center (which is also affiliated to a medical school-which makes it a "teaching hospital") and we would have to go down for all traumas that were coming to the ICU. I have seen those nurses have to instruct the doctors on procedures and many times they are the ones saving the lives. To make this ED nurse the damsel in distress she became is insulting to all nurses!! So not fair. A few other things (and there were several) that made no sense at all.She gets mad about the dumbest thing. For example, the whole incident with the cougar. It is understandable to get upset, however, to blame him is stupid. It was never fully explained why Cherise had to sign over her property because her sister owned it. How were they going to get in "so much trouble". The positives:Um...maybe the other books in this series are better. As we all know, once I start a series, no matter how horrible, I feel the need to continue it. I would only loan this book to a friend who was desperately in need of something to read. I heard so many positive things about this book, however, it was just ok for me. TTFN-Sandy less
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Really enjoyed this read, at times wanted to slap Traci. But still a good book on to book 2!
Nice read...had real drama that an everyday couple could have!
Liked the characters a lot!
Enjoyed this story.
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