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Y (2013)

by Marjorie Celona(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 4
1451674384 (ISBN13: 9781451674385)
Free Press
review 1: The book was overall a very interesting look on the life of an orphan. The narrative was very unique however, often times I felt very annoyed by the main character's perspective. It is difficult to appreciate such a different narrative when it is coming from a character you generally dislike. Shannon was a very bitter and gloomy character, which I suppose is quite common in adolescent girls although, I think I would have enjoyed the novel a lot better if she had of been a little more positive. I really enjoyed Yula's story line, however it came second to Shannon's plot.
review 2: Y was a very different read from what I am used to, and in some ways I loved it and others I couldn't stand it. I loved how the point of view was first person, even if she wasn't born
... more at the time of the recalled event. I felt there were two main characters, as there was two main stories. Shannon, the daughter abandoned at the Y, was confusing to me. She grew up in a single page, and it left me confused as to her actual age. She said she was in kindergarten, and then her thoughts became mature and she swore suddenly. She was whiny and to be quite honest, a brat. After being moved to many foster homes as an infant, she causes trouble with her new caring foster mother. For Shannon, Miranda was the main mother figure and she would disrespect her on purpose. While Shannon's parts were often hard to read, I loved her mother Yula's, story. I found Yula so interesting. She was forced to grow up at a young age, when she became pregnant. Her father also caused a motorcycle accident, and it killed her mother. Yula was so brave, but you could still tell that she was just a scared young woman. I loved hearing the events that eld up to her leaving Shannon at the Y. I would have been perfectly happy only reading Yula's story, leaving Shannon out all together. less
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I really enjoyed this. Such original characters and a beautiful story.
A little strange
Might be a 3.5
excellent book
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