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Bringing Up Mike (2014)

by Mark Duncan(Favorite Author)
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askmar publishing
review 1: At 17-years-old, Joe was the youngest person to receive a doctorate from Caltech. For his dissertation, he created an artificial intelligence personal assistant named Mike. After being suspended at work for being viewed as insubordinate and immature, all Mike’s fault, Joe drops out of sight by leaving Utah and moving to Tennessee. With his reputation unknown, he moves in with a nice older couple, and enrolls in high school to finish 12th grade, and receive a diploma. Unknown to his new family and friends, he is actually doing a study on their daily virtual interactions with Mike. He must prove that Mike can pass for an actual human. The study is a success, but Joe’s experiences during the nine months he lives in Tennessee leaves him a far better person than when he sta... morerted.I absolutely loved this story. The author gave the characters so much depth. I laughed so hard at the bumbling villain every time he tried to pull a fast one. I was hoping that there were recipes at the end so I could try out some of the dishes that were served. They sounded so amazing. As a side note, the town in this story is only 20 miles away from me. It was wonderful reading about all the things I have discovered on my own since moving here. I can truly say I agree with everything said and written about the area. I don’t know if the author will continue this story but I certainly hope so.
review 2: This book is a tour de force. Mark Duncan brilliantly tells the story of Mike, an ingratiating prodigy, with a second chance at life, love, and happiness. What's more, the book offers an intellectual sophistication that is captivating and unmatched among typical fictional books. The reader will learn so much about so many different topics, thanks to the author's encyclopedic and profoundly deep knowledge. Appealing to all ages, this book is one not to be missed!Anne Steinemann less
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Such a great book! I loved Mike and Joe and everyone else.
looking forward to reading this
Review to follow :)
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