There’s no shortage of food on campus

By Emily Carroll – Contributing Writer

Lasell offers numerous options available for food on campus, and it is easy to find a suitable breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack anywhere on campus. The photos presented here highlight various dining choices that the Lasell community can access, such as the Valentine Dining Hall, Einstein’s Bagels, “Take 3” in the Glow Lounge, and the newly innovated campus Starbucks. All photos by Emily Carroll.

Valentine Dining Hall’s tater tots and eggs are usually a breakfast favorite among students. Jessica Pascucci (left) and Christina Green (right) sample the Saudi Arabian cuisine offered at lunch in Valentine Dining Hall. Chartwell employees put in a lot of time and detail when preparing omelettes in the Valentine Dining Hall. Elizabeth Savikas uses the touch screen fountain to get some Coca- Cola at the Valentine dining hall. Students wait in line for tater tots at breakfast in Valentine Dining Hall. The Glow Lounge in Winslow Academic Center continuously restocks their food options weekly . Students wait anxiously in the long line at the new on-campus Starbucks in the Science and Technology Center. Einstein Bros Bagels, located in Arnow Campus Center, is one of the dining options where students can use their dining dollars to purchase bagels, sandwiches, coffee, and a “Take 3” meal. The coffee selection at Einstein’s helps get students through the day. Einstein’s restocks their bagel and pastry options regularly after the morning rush. A student opens up an egg and cheese on a bagel from Einstein’s in Arnow Campus Center.


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