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After America: Get Ready For Armageddon (2011)

by Mark Steyn(Favorite Author)
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1596981008 (ISBN13: 9781596981003)
Regnery Publishing
review 1: how did i end up spending money on this book??? what a crackpot. entertainingly written? sure, but there's no "there" there. i happily acknowledge that i am a liberal bordering on socialist, so i knew right off the bat that i would not likely agree with much of Steyn's opinions, but i'm a firm believer in listening to and learning from those with very different perspectives. however, i have zero interest in listening to the rantings of someone making ludicrous claims with no substantiation.
review 2: I enjoy Mark Steyn's wit and sense of humor, and share his views on many things, so it was a given I'd enjoy this book. If you like his editorials you'll like it too. Mark is a far better writer than he is a speaker, IMO.Rather than write a long review of the bo
... moreok, which details many of the most salient ways that America (and the West) is committing cultural and national suicide, here a couple of quotes that, I think, provide a flavour of what a reader can expect.1. "Under the American jizya, in return for funding Big Government, the non-believers are permitted to carry on practicing their faith in capitalism, small business, economic activity, and the other primitive belief systems to which they cling so touchingly." (pg. 72)2. "You don't have to go to Greece to experience Greek-style retirement. The Athenian "public service" of California has been metaphorically face down in the ouzo for a generation. As Arnold Schwarzenegger... told the legislature in his fourth State of the State address, "California has the ideas of Athens and the power of Sparta." That's half-right: California has the ideas of Athens. Unfortunately, it's late 20th century Athens. As for "the power of Sparta," unless he's referring to gay marriage, it's hard to see what he's on about." (pg. 106)Later in the book, Mark devotes a chapter to "prophesying" as to what the future will look like in the wake of American declension. As it was written in 2009-2010, some of the things have already happened. Mark shouldn't feel too smug however, as much of it is an entirely predictable course of events, unfortunately.The book is not perfect, and I would disagree with him on a few things (such as the state of American ingenuity and innovation, technological advancement, etc.), but overall I recommend this book for anyone who has not thought very deeply about the present course of our country and the ideas that are directing it. less
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Both terrifying AND hilarious... What more could you ask for?
very enjoyable despite your politics
meh. good analysis, too political.
Awesome book. Read it.
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