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Ghost Huntress Book 2: The Guidance (2009)

by Marley Gibson(Favorite Author)
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Ghost Huntress
review 1: The sequel to The Awakening, The Guidance continues Kendall Moorehead’s journey in discovering her psychic abilities. While Kendall adapts to her new academic environment, Courtney Langdon the “popular girl” felt threatened with Kendall’s new popularity as a ghost huntress. As a result, Courtney tries through multiple attempts to draw attention to her such as pretending to be a psychic and conjuring a spirit which happened to be a fierce soldier during the Civil War who was betrayed!The plot line in the Guidance moved much faster than The Awakening while keeping me interested. Gibson’s soldier of the Civil War made much more sense when relating to the history of the town unlike the previous ghost in the Awakening. Furthermore, Gibson did a better job in tying up ... morethe loose ends of the book such as Kendall’s mom’s disbelieve in her psychic abilities and actually bringing Kendall for additionally help. Another loose end was Emily, Kendall’s childhood imaginary friend/ghost. I actually got to learn a little more about Emily but not too much; this made me want to learn more about her and it made Emily seem more realistic to the readers. The ending was much better than its prequel especially ending with a cliffhanger that made me want to read more but at the same time, I know what the next book is generally about.
review 2: The second book of Ghost Huntress is...very interesting. I personally found it to be so pointless that it was ridiculous. I mean, the plot itself was fineee but the whole book itself seems like it was written by a kid.There didn't seem be any flow between the different subplots: the catfights betewen Courtney and Kendall, Kendal's relationship with Jason, Kendall with her ghost hunting, and Kendall's relationship with her three best friends. I felt like things were really scattered and it seemed like there wasn't any real focus. Like, the main issue is supposed to be Kendall and her ghost hunting but with all the subplots, it seemed like the main plot was pushed back.Another thing was the slowness of the book in general. There were random bits of the supposedly "sinister ghost" but nothing really started until the second half of the novel. I grew restless waiting for it to come and had to put off the book numerous times until I finally decided that I should finish it once and for all.The characters seemed very 2D. There was no real depth in any of the characters and I felt like they were just there - with little or no purpose in life.The "romance" between Kendall and Jason seemed almost nonexistent. I mean, it was there but nothing seemed to happen between the two. No spark, no excitement, etc.Overall, the second book of Ghost Huntress wasn't that great and you could definitely live without it. less
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it was very interesting never short on laughs full of suspenchion
awesome book. i am already reading the next one.
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