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Double Double: A Dual Memoir Of Alcoholism (2013)

by Martha Grimes(Favorite Author)
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1476724083 (ISBN13: 9781476724089)
review 1: I know there are a zillion books on addiction but this one is different because it's told from two points of view. Two stories unfold...that of the alcoholic mother and that of the addicted son. Each give their once perspective on addiction, how they deal with it and how it has affected their lives. Martha Grimes is a famous murder mystery writer, the author of the Richard Jury series. Her son became addicted to drugs of all kinds in his early teens. He anted to be the cool guy until his friends started calling him "Spent Ken". He almost dies from his addiction. His story is more about how he became an addict and what drove him there. His mother's is more about how difficult it is to be an alcoholic and to stay sober. I believe we all have people around us that are ... moreaddicted to something, alcohol, gambling, drugs etc. So this is a very insightful look into the lives of those trying to stay sober and clean.
review 2: Quite an interesting mother and son memoir. One who swears by AA and another who doesn't believe in it at all. I found both stories quite fascinating. Having lived with an alcoholic probably made me appreciate this book more than I would have otherwise, but it was a good read for sure. Alcoholics are a different breed and I think that if you don't have firsthand experience with one (or if you aren't one yourself) you may not get some of this. What seems stupid and ridiculous to most makes perfect sense to an alcoholic. less
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Interesting to read the side of the mother and son, both alcoholics.
Thank you to Ms. Grimes and her son for sharing their stories.
You'd have to find alcoholism really interesting, and I don't.
Repetitive and rambling.
Not that compelling...
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