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The Disappeared Girl (2014)

by Martin J. Smith(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 3
162681189X (ISBN13: 9781626811898)
Diversion Books
review 1: A plane crash, a suicide attempt, a much loved adopted child and a dirty war. These elements make up a fast and satisfying read that throws in some historical context from Argentina and some elements that don't seem so far fetched these days. Pittsburgh is treated as a character and the dialogue flows. It sucked me in from the beginning and made me want to learn more about the true Disappeared of The Dirty War in Argentina.Provided by Publisher
review 2: This book was right up my street for capturing my attention, I love stories like this.Melissa was adopted, at 5 years of age. When she in turn had a baby herself she needed to find out her medical history.In the turn of events though, she kept getting flashbacks of certain things that she could remember.The thi
... moreng is, the adoptive parents were so happy to find themselves able to have Melissa they asked no questions, and things were not straight forward.I can tell you this much.....this book is not all what it seems and it had me captured between its pages from start to finish, I gasped aloud at the end of this book. You HAVE to read it. I was granted this book to read by Diversion Books via Net Galley less
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enjoyed this apart from one thing that i would have thought was obvious. don t want to put spoiler
I had no idea this was a fourth installment to a series. It is Good! Read it in one day. Enjoy!
I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It had so many great twists and turns!
extremely entertaining and well written. read it in one day.
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