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Kate's Kisses (2011)

by Mary Manners(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 2
0013603744 (ISBN13: 2940013603745)
White Rose Publishing
Sweet Treats Bakery
review 1: This was a very fast read, only taking me about 30 minutes to read it. I wish we had the ability to give half stars, because it's a bit better than a three star read, but not quite a four star read for me. Its set in a bakery owned by four sisters and focuses on the second sister, Kate. The plot was good, and moved along at a good pace. I was able to emotionally connect to the hero and heroine, but what I didn't like was the lack of mention of how their feelings towards each other changed or was re-awoken. *SPOILER ALERT* You're going along and she's nay saying the involvement, then all of a sudden, BOOM! He's proposed and she is accepting. *END ALERT* It was so sudden, it jarred me out of the story. I doubt I'll pay for the other books in the series, but will tr... morey to borrow them to finish the series, as I think they are worth reading.
review 2: This was a beautiful second chance love story. Kate had to give up her dreams to help her sisters raise their youngest sister once their parents died. She didn’t realize she would be giving up the love of her life as well. Logan was hurt that Kate didn’t keep her promises to leave with him once they graduated college. He didn’t realize how selfish he was until he came back into town years later. Logan is here to supervise the building of the new library. Once back in his small hometown, he sees the love of his life and realizes he might have made a mistake. I love that he’s always there for her, fixing everything that goes wrong. They truly had a beautiful love. less
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Sweet story with clean romance...very quick read. Nice break from steamy novels. ;)
easy quick, clean story. not much substance but fun to read
This series was a fun series. It was a fast read.
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