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Clash Of Crowns: William The Conqueror, Richard Lionheart, And Eleanor Of Aquitaine A Story Of Bloodshed, Betrayal, And Revenge (2012)

by Mary McAuliffe(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 3
1442214716 (ISBN13: 9781442214712)
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
review 1: With an MA in history, I know a bad book when I see one. Wait, that is a bit harsh. This book has promise, but it needs Attila the editor to go through it. McAuliffe introduces figures too quickly and shuttles back and forth on their chronology like a shuttlecock I gave up trying to keep track of her narrative. It is not often that I abandon a book, but this was one of them. I want to learn more on the period, as I didn't do Medieval history, and I am fine with pop style history books, but it just didn't have any flow.
review 2: A fun gallop through the life and times of William the Conqueror, his sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons--with some of their more notable wives thrown in (Eleanor of Aquitaine, Berengaria). The Conqueror did become king of Englan
... mored but was also empire-building in France and died and was buried there--and his heirs the Plantagenet kings really cared more about their French possessions, and England was secondary. Thus the focus of this book is what these colorful, brutal rulers did in and to Normandy, Poitou, Aquitaine, and the Vexin. Good illustrations; could use a few more maps. Handy glossary and useful footnotes. less
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4.5 stars - excellent historical overview of the history of the English-French conflict.
Readable and informative. Could have used more showing and less telling.
Interestingly writtenn.
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