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Alone In The Ice World (1994)

by Maryann Easley(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 5
0439742803 (ISBN13: 9780439742801)
review 1: I Am the Ice Worm is a story about a girl who goes down in a plane crash in the arctic on her way to visit her mother. After being saved by a passerby, she gets to know the local culture, giving the read a glimpse into the challenges of many first peoples. Allison quickly discovers what's important in her life and is open to life in a new way at the end of the book. I enjoyed the book, even though it was somewhat predictable. I think that for what this books shares, I can look past its somewhat formulaic pieces.
review 2: I Liked this book alot.It did remind me of the hatchet,but it was different.It all starts when she leaves to go visit her mother in Alaska,when her plane crashes,killing her pilot and leaving her stranded in the freezing weather of the arti
... morec plain for hours until, she is rescued by an Inupiat Trapper.He takes her back to his village;Where she is now know as the outsider.Over time they began to talk to her; But, not only does she makes in impact on their life,they make a impact on hers showing her that life is not all about materialized things and what a true meaning of a hard earned dollar.She also, learns survival skills that she will always remember. less
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This book was just OK. It was like Hatchet, but not nearly as good.
This was an intreging book. Enjoyable.
It was a good book.
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