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My Emily (2011)

by Matt Patterson(Favorite Author)
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1449951554 (ISBN13: 9781449951559)
review 1: This book was heart warming and special. There is no way that anyone could read a book so special and not be warmed by everything that happened in the book! Matt Peterson wrote this in a way that you could not lay the book down and wanted to spend every second learning more about the family and Emily. I think that any parent who could tell this story is special and I love how they gave everything to god and counted every blessing that they had.
review 2: Courageous & InspiringLike most young couples Matt and Bonnie Patterson were eager to start a family. Their hopes and dreams of delivering a healthy newborn were typical of expectant parents. Shock and confusion shattered those dreams when their newborn daughter, Emily, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Accepta
... morence stemmed from overwhelming love and joy that far outweighed their initial disappointment. A precious and loving child, Emily brought life and light to the family. Two years passed at which time Emily received a second diagnosis. The family's dreams were once again shattered with Emily's diagnosis of leukemia. Additional heartache and pain brought this family to the discovery of numerous blessings through the courage and love of their special angel, beautiful in every respect, a precious gift from God.Through a father's eyes, Matt Patterson tells Emily's story with love, courage, and poignancy. Although a difficult story to read, Emily's life is a reality that may assist and bring healing to others who have experienced similar situations. Disappointment, heartache and raw emotions are interwoven with love, joy and blessings throughout this emotional and heartwrenching true story. "My Emily" had a profound affect on me. It's a reality story I'll never forget. less
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I enjoyed this book. It as sweet and heartbreaking at the same time.
Great book. I wanted it to be longer.
a heart wrenching story.
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