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Verbreek De Stilte (2011)

by Maureen Lang(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 5
The Great War
review 1: This book takes place in Germany occupied Brussels during World War I. Isa has just snuck back into the country after her family had already successfully fled to America, looking for the two people she cared most about: the woman who raised her, Genny, and Genny's son, Edward. Edward refuses to leave, believing that his work printing an outlawed paper is more important, so Isa becomes involved.The setting was excellently done, really showing the struggles of the time period and the horrors of war in an occupied country. At times the book dragged on a little long as many of the day to day struggles are the same, while the characters try to avoid German suspicion. Edward and Isa often argue about whether they should stay or flee, but as long as Edward refuses to leave, so do... morees Isa. The best part about the book involved Genny's evolving relationship with a German officer. I enjoyed those scenes immensely and wish the author had dedicated more time to them. As for the main romance, Isa tends to wear her heart on her sleeve. She knows what she wants from day one, but Edward is completely clueless until one day he realizes that Isa is no longer the little girl he used to know. Very little is actually dedicated to the romance, since the book seems to focus more on how the continuing war has changed everything. The characters get into major scrapes which keeps the story moving along, especially heading into the finale.
review 2: I enjoyed this second installment of the Great War Series even more than the first one. The author is able to give you a sense of the horrors of war and the monumental risks people took without being so detailed that you found it too hard to read; and she makes the German occupation of Belgium seem very vibrant and real. She has obviously done her research. The ending was very climactic, and I couldn't stop reading. There was enough action throughout the book to keep me interested, and the suspense and romance aspects are well done. Anyone who enjoys stories set during World War I would love this book. less
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I enjoyed the storyline, it was a page turner. The book has a Christian theme but not overly so.
I couldn't get in to this book. Read the first 4 chapters and called it quits.
This book started out slow to me, but got to where I couldn't put it down.
Good book, excellently researched, enjoyed the story.
Excellent read!
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